East Cooper residents will usually see this casing hanging from the interior walls of their garage. The Household Case Bearer or Plaster Bagworm will leave this casing behind as it turns into a small adult moth. People will find the empty casings on wool rugs, curtains, garage walls, storage sheds, crawlspaces or tree trunks. The case bearer loves high humidity and shade. The larval stage can last up to 3 months. During this time, the bagworm will eat spider webs, dead insects, wool, human hair, pet dander or other empty bagworm casings. The adult moth does not have the mouthparts to eat and lives a only a few weeks.

The best way to control the Plaster Bagworm is to eliminate its food source. Keep your garage clean, sweep down spider webs in your garage, blow debris out of garage or storage rooms and vacuum these areas. If you vacuum, remember to empty the contents of your vacuum immediately. In extreme cases you may want to clean and put a dehumidifier in the area of infestation. Please keep us in mind if you need help with any pest control problem.