The boxelder bug has been seen in the East Cooper area this fall. They are considered occasional invaders. They are usually seen in or around your home late fall to early spring. A very colorful looking bug that usually feeds on boxelder or maple tree seed pods. They are often seen in wood piles, cracks in tree bark or rocks, and piles of leaf debris. Adult boxelder bugs hang out in protected places around your home such as cracks in walls, doors, under windows sills and cracks in foundations.

Boxelder bugs will bite. Most people will experience minor skin irritations if bitten. If the bugs get into your home simply sweep them up. We don’t suggest crushing them or using a vacuum because they have a foul odor when crushed. We also recommend keeping screens on your windows, fixing torn screens on porches, caulking cracks around windows, doors, fascia boards, and areas where cables or pipes run into your crawlspace or attic.

If you need help with any of your occasional invaders, give us a call.