Carpenter ants usually become active in the early spring and throughout the summer. East Cooper residents usually see these large ants at night crawling on trees, porch railings, window casing, fencing or even exploring the interior of your home. They are nocturnal. Carpenter ants do not eat wood. They excavate galleries to create their nest. You will usually see saw dust or “frass” at the entry point and some insect parts in the frass. These ants love wet or rotted wood. Keep eye on rotted tree stumps in your yard, rotted trim, siding, window casing, old rotting firewood log piles, dead or decaying tree branches around your home. These are perfect homes for the carpenter ant.

Carpenter ants are usually dark reddish brown or black. They may be all different sizes. Sometimes they create several nests or satellite nests around your home. The nest may also be several hundred feet away from where you are seeing activity. If you need help controlling carpenter ants give us a call.