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No-See-Ums? See um fly, feel um bite...... A No-See-Um is a tiny blood sucking fly, also known as a Biting Midge, but also called a Punkie, Sand fly, Sand flea or Biting gnat. East Cooper residents will encounter this annoying pest early spring and fall.  The bite from this tiny fly can be painful, and [...]

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Mosquito Season 2016 Miserable Mt. Pleasant SC

Mosquitoes are always a pest problem from March through October in the East Cooper area. From October 2015 through October 2016, East Cooper residents saw record rainfall amounts from tropical storms and hurricane Matthew. These storms have created ideal conditions for temporary breeding sites for mosquitoes. Flooding in wooded areas, standing water in drainage ditches [...]

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Mosquitos Mt. Pleasant SC

During the heat of the day mosquitoes will rest on the undersides of the leaves of the trees and shrubs that surround your home. When a mosquito lands on the product that we apply to these areas, it dies. Our program helps manage the population around your home. We also recommend eliminating any standing water [...]

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