Critters win! East Cooper residents often ask if there is a certain type of construction that will termite or pest proof a house. Truthfully, there is really no construction type that will totally eliminate insects from finding a way into your home. There are four types of foundation construction that you typically see in our area.

1. Monolithic slab construction is when the foundation is one solid poured slab. You can usually tell if your slab is monolithic if it is almost the same level as the street. Some issues that may allow pests into your home are cracks in the slab, plumbing penetrations through the slab, or areas under tubs or showers where cement was not even poured. In many cases these areas are inaccessible.

2. Supported or floating slab construction is when the exterior foundation wall is hollow or solid block. The interior part of the foundation is about 2 feet of dirt, and then a slab is poured over the dirt. You can usually tell if your slab is supported if you have to step up into the house a foot or two. The areas that may be potential problems are cracks in the slab, hollow block voids, areas where the slab touches the block wall, plumbing penetrations, and areas under tubs or showers where there is no cement.

3. Crawlspace construction is when the exterior foundation wall is made with hollow block, solid block, or brick. The subfloor can be 2-4 feet above the soil. You can actually crawl under the house. The foundation usually has foundation vents in the wall. The environment in the crawlspace is a great place for insects and rodents to set up residence. It’s dark, moist, and humid. The great thing about a crawlspace is that it is accessible and can easily be remedied for insects and rodents.

4. Elevated or beach style foundation construction is when the house is on piers and the 1st main floor is about ten feet off the ground. The piers can be hollow block, solid block, brick, or wood. Obviously, wooden piers may present insect and termite problems or even rot. If the area below the 1st main floor doesn’t have a finished ceiling, insects and rodents may gain access to your home where electrical, plumbing and HVAC lines run. If the garage area isn’t sealed properly, insects and rodents have access to all of your stored items and even your car.

We have many different treatment techniques and materials to control termites, insects, and rodents in all construction types.  An experienced, well trained professional with East Cooper Termite and Pest Solutions can help you identify and treat potential unwanted pests.