As the weather warms up and we all head to the beach, East Cooper residents may notice that some insects are building small “beaches” in their yards. These large sandy mounds of soil in your yard are most likely fire ant colonies. Fire ants begin building these mounds when temperatures reach over 70 degrees. The mounds may contain several hundred thousand worker ants and the queen.

Check out this video.

Fire ants have a stinger that they will use to defend their home if they feel threatened. Please don’t disturb the mound by kicking it or poking it with a stick. If you do, hundreds of fire ants will emerge to protect their home. The sting can be very painful and cause the skin to become red and inflamed. The area of the skin that has been stung usually forms a white blister. Some people are very allergic to fire ants and should seek immediate medical attention. 

There are several ways to control or manage fire ants in your yard. East Cooper Termite and Pest Solutions suggests using baits for the best control during fire ant season. It’s important to treat your entire yard when weather conditions are just right and the ants are foraging. This is critical for the treatment to be most effective. Fire ants forage a good distance away from their mounds and will pick up the bait and bring it back to the nest. If fire ants have taken over your yard, give us a call. We offer fire ant management programs so you and your family can enjoy your yard.