East Cooper residents seem to be battling the flea population year round. The temperature and weather conditions have allowed fleas to invade our area. Fleas are tiny brown to black insects that are about the size of a grain of pepper. They will usually find their way into your home when the male or female enjoys a blood meal on your pet.  

Fleas have four stages of life, egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. The female will have her meal on your pet and then lay about a dozen eggs on your pet. Females may lay over 500 eggs over her life time. The eggs will hatch in about ten days and fall into your carpet, cracks in your floor, or your pets bedding. The larva will then feed on pet dander and other flea feces until they spin a cocoon and enter the pupa stage. The pupa stage is a major factor when controlling fleas because the pupa stage may last weeks or months. The cocoon also protects the pupa from insecticides. The adult flea will only emerge from its cocoon if warm blooded animals are present or the cocoon is disturbed.





A flea treatment will usually require all animals and people to be out of the house for two hours. Please vacuum the home thoroughly prior to treatment. The vibration of the vacuum will help the fleas in the pupa stage emerge from their cocoons. We recommend empting vacuum contents outside in the trash. If your pets have fleas, we suggest switching them to a 30 DAY PRESCRIPTION FLEA PILL. The fleas have become resistant to some of the topical treatments. If fleas are active on pets, the interior treatment will not control your flea problem. We suggest a flea treatment 3-5 days after your pets are properly treated. Your yard can be treated to kill adult fleas, but there is no way to totally eliminate exterior fleas.