East Cooper residents will eventually run into some friendly critters in their yard as the weather warms up. Working in the yard you will probably see toads, frogs, turtles, non-venomous snakes, lizards, skinks, and salamanders. These creatures are harmless, non aggressive and are helping out with some pest control. Please be very careful not to handle any critter in the yard without properly identifying them first.

Frogs and toads can be spotted around ponds, ditches or moist low lying areas. Most frogs feed on mosquitoes, crawling insects, and worms. The tree frog pictured here will spend most of its life hanging out in shrubbery or trees. Sometimes they wander onto porches or rest behind a shutter on your home. They will make a very loud chirping noise that can be heard in the house.

We have several non-venomous snakes in the East Cooper area. Kings snakes, Corn snakes, Garter snakes, Rat snakes and Green snakes. Snakes help with rodent control and will also feed on frogs. The Rat snake can reach lengths of 6-8 feet. The Milk snake pictured here was found in a residents yard during a normal pest control service. Again, do not handle a snake if you can’t properly identify it. Remember, red touches black, friend of jack….red touches yellow, could kill a fellow.

All these animals have their own special place in our world. Their habits are being destroyed by new roads, subdivisions, and shopping centers. If you need help with identification please give us a call. We love controlling unwanted pests but we also want to keep some “friendly” pests out of harms way.