It’s possible that you may have carried this roach home from your job, a restaurant, or a grocery store. Maybe a guest that visited your home carried it in. The German roach likes to live indoors and usually finds its way into your East Cooper home by “hitchhiking” in a bag, box or suitcase. German roaches are usually found in the kitchen or bathroom areas. Once established, the can infest appliances, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and wall voids. The German roach is light brown and about 1/2″ long. The female carries an egg capsule that is a golden color and contains 50 or more new roaches. Most homeowners make the mistake of trying to control this roach with a repellent pesticide. This usually drives these roaches deeper into the walls where they will continue to live and breed. Take time to learn the language of the German roach…..baits and non-repellents work the best.