April showers bring May flowers…and “springtails” to the East Cooper area. The climate in coastal South Carolina is the perfect environment for springtails. East Cooper residents are beginning to see this tiny insect entering their homes due to the hot humid spring weather.

These insects are about the size of a flea and are often mistaken for a flea although they don’t bite. They are light brown or gray and have a “spring” in their tail which helps them hop or jump. They are scavengers that feed on algae, mold, pollen, decaying organic matter, and fungus. They are attracted to wet or moist areas in your yard, where they live and breed in large numbers.

Controlling springtails is an easy task. Residents in the East Cooper area should make sure areas around their home drain properly. Take a look at how gutters empty into the yard and remove piles of wet wood. Be cautious about over mulching and fill low-lying areas in the yard. It is also a good idea to reduce your lawn watering program and reposition sprinklers so water does not collect at base of your home.

Springtails in large numbers may require a chemical application to elimate the problem. East Cooper Termite and Pest Solutions can help put the “spring” back in your step and elimate this nuisance pest around your home.