East Cooper Termite and Pest Solutions does NOT offer a mole control service, but here’s some great advice for eliminating this pest in your yard.
Residents in the East Cooper area deal with deer, raccoons, possums, and that pesky little critter, the mole. The residential and commercial development of our town has caused the mole to move into your yard. The less natural habitat these animals have, the more we will see them moving into our yards. Moles really don’t have any natural predators to keep their numbers in check, other than some dogs and cats, so their numbers keep increasing.
Mowing your lawn can scare moles, temporarily, out of your yard during the summer. Sometimes even a thick, green, well managed lawn can deter moles from your yard.
Moles tunnel through your yard looking for food. They usually have a few main tunnels that they use as their main thoroughfare. The secondary tunnels are where they search and collect food. They will only use a secondary tunnel once. In order to kill a mole with bait or a trap, you must inspect and locate the main tunnel.
The best way to locate the main tunnels is to poke holes in all the tunnels with a stick. Next, mark where you made these holes with flags or turf markers. The next day check to see if the holes are plugged. If they are plugged, then you know you have a main tunnel. The mole will only plug holes on the main tunnel.  At dusk open up one of the holes that the mole plugged the night before and place bait 3-5 feet on either side of the hole that you reopened. When the mole comes back to re-plug the hole it will have to walk right over the bait. The moles love the baits that are available to them. The mole eats the bait and dies. If you prefer traps, you can also follow the same procedure and use traps.
Controlling the food source is the next most important factor in managing moles on your property.
Using a product to kill insects in the soil on a regular basis will do a good job in managing the mole’s food source. We suggest using a granular form of any product that manages worms or grubs in your yard. You will need a spreader to apply the product. Read and follow all the label directions.
There are several mole repellents available to homeowners. Before you apply a repellent product to your yard, make sure you don’t have any moles, or you will trap them in your yard. Apply the repellents throughout the year as directed by the label on the product.