The Southern black widow can be found throughout the East Cooper area. You can easily identify this spider by its shiny black abdomen and red “hourglass” marking on its underside. The Southern black widow hangs out under stones, wood piles, and inside garages. This spider usually prefers a dark, protected area around your home. It may build a web near an exterior light fixture to collect food at night.

The brown widow spider can also be found in the Mt. Pleasant area. This spider also has a red “hourglass” marking on its underside. This distinctive feature may also be orange on some specimens. The spider is usually light or dark brown with banded legs. The most revealing clue is the spiders’ egg sacs. The sacs have a “spiked” appearance. They are not smooth like other spider egg sacs. Sweeping down spider webs around your home is an excellent way to control spiders.