No-See-Ums? See um fly, feel um bite…… A No-See-Um is a tiny blood sucking fly, also known as a Biting Midge, but also called a Punkie, Sand fly, Sand flea or Biting gnat. East Cooper residents will encounter this annoying pest early spring and fall.  The bite from this tiny fly can be painful, and when swarms of them are out and about the attack on humans can be downright unreasonable. They are not known to transmit any diseases to people, but that’s the only good news.
They are so small they often manage to make it through window screens or netting that would exclude mosquitoes. The key to most fly control is source management. The key is to identify where the fly larvae are living and eliminate it. No-see-um larvae live in just about any kind of damp soil, organic matter, leaf litter, mulch,  pine straw, or grass. They can develop rapidly around the edges of ponds, ditches, and waterways. Our ability to alter every one of these environments is essentially zero. Spraying an area in your yard will kill the adult flies but not the surrounding areas that may contain larvae. Unfortunately, a new swarm will emerge and pester you as they fly over from your neighbors yard. Sorry… Cover up and put on the repellent.