Opossums may look scary but they are actually a pretty cool animal. With all the new development in our area, East Cooper residents have seen an increase in dead opossums on our roads. It’s a shame because these guys are great at pest control. They will eradicate ticks and all types of insects from wooded areas around our community. They use their razor sharp teeth to basically eat anything. Snakes, rodents, dead animals, garbage, fruit and fish make a great meal. Opossums are also resistant to some of our local venomous snakes like copperheads and rattlesnakes.

The best way to keep opossums out of your home is to seal up any entry points. Broken foundation vents, loose crawlspace access doors, poorly constructed HVAC hoods and openings under porches may allow the opossum access into you home. We also suggest keeping your garbage cans clean, tightly closed and free of any loose garbage. If you leave pet food outside, the opossums will find it. They love an easy meal.

If you would like an inspection to identify potential opossum entry points into your home give us a call.