East Cooper residents have many different names for “evidence” they find from pests in their home. We hear it called scat, droppings, turds, feces, poo, poop, excrement, and even sh#t. Whatever you want to call it, this sign of a pest can certainly lead you to the culprit.

Toads, frogs, and lizards leave droppings on your porch or garage floor during the night.  They are just doing what comes naturally to them while helping out with some insect control around your home. Just sweep the droppings up. A toad dropping is usually filled with insect parts. The dropping will crumble and fall apart as you sweep. Lizards leave a dropping with a small white tip. Lizards also help with pest control around your home. Let them hang out and eat, they are harmless. 

Rodent droppings are a greater concern. These droppings carry disease and can usually be found in your crawlspace and attic. They are usually accompanied with urine which also makes for a foul smelling mess. If you see these droppings on the interior of your home they should be cleaned up immediately. Rodent droppings found in these areas mean you may need to do an inspection outside your home to determine where these nasty critters are getting in.

We can help with an inspection to identify any potential rodent entry points and offer exclusion services to seal the areas. We also trap and remove the rodents after the exclusion work is completed. We don’t recommend the use of rodent baits or poisons. The material used in these products may cause the rodent to die in an area that you can’t get to such as a wall, between floors, etc. A dead rat will leave you with a stinky problem for several days.

American Roach or Palmetto Bug droppings can sometimes look large enough to be mistaken for a small rodent. These droppings are often found in your garage, porch, or the interior of your home. These roaches prefer to live outside but will wander into your home due to very dry or very wet weather conditions. The best way to clean these up is to simply vacuum.

If your not sure about the sh#t that some pests leave behind, we can help with identification and elimination.