It seems like the rodent population in the East Cooper area is going crazy. We receive numerous calls a day throughout the year from homeowners reporting noise or damage from rodents entering their homes. The problem has gotten worse due to the increase in population and construction in our area. When the rodents natural habitats are destroyed, they seek a new home in your crawlspace, attic, or even your living space.

We are now seeing rodents cause damage to boats and cars. They will chew through the boat cover to gain entry into the interior of your boat. They will then chew the seats, electrical, gas lines and anything else to keep their teeth nice and sharp. They will also urinate and leave droppings all over the interior of your boat or car.  If you leave your car in your driveway, you may find a rodent nest in your engine or droppings on your floorboard. Disgusting!

Rodents also cause considerable damage to property. They contaminate food, destroy crops, and cause almost 1 billion dollars in damage in the United States each year. Residents in the East Cooper area have seen rats chew through electrical and plumbing lines as they navigate their way through attics and crawlspaces. They create entries into the home by gnawing holes in foundation vents, soffits, or garage drywall. They climb trees or walls and make their way onto the roof where they look for access to an attic. They are able to squeeze into a hole the size of a quarter to enter your home. Once inside, they leave droppings or unwanted smells wherever they may travel.

We do not recommend the use of poisons for rodent control. A rodent that ingests poison may die in your walls, cause secondary poisoning to pets, or be lethal to our birds of prey.  If you need help with rodent control, we specialize in exclusion and trapping. Please give us a call.