The picture above reveals subterranean termite shelter tubes exiting out of drywall in a home in the East Cooper area. What kind of termites may be living in that wall? East Cooper residents may see subterranean termites exit drywall, window casings, door jambs, etc. as they look for additional food or create an “exit” hole for swarming termites. Many homeowners have questions about the difference between Formosan and Eastern Subterranean termites. How can you tell if these termites are Formosan or Eastern Subterranean termites? You may need a microscope, entomology degree, or the help of your experienced pest control technician.

Eastern Subterranean termites and Formosan termites are i the spring and early summer. We may also see a swarm in the fall if weather conditions are right. They usually swarm in the early morning or evening. Sometimes after it rains, the termites emerge from the ground with wings and are attracted to lights around your home. A humid environment makes a great opportunity for the termites to swarm. They need humidity or moisture to survive or they will die quickly. Shortly after the swarmers land, they will drop their wings. The wingless subterranean swarmers often look like a golden grain of rice.