East Cooper residents often ask….”What type of foundation construction is the best when it comes to controlling subterranean termites?” We have home with crawlspaces, homes built on raised slabs, home built on monolithic slabs, and elevated homes. All of these foundation types are susceptible to subterranean termites. We strongly recommend an annual inspection to detect any possible infestations or elimate any potential conducive conditions for subterranean termites.

Homes built on a monolithic or raised slab require inspection and treatment for termites below the bath tub drain. A monolithic slab is one solid cement pour. A raised slab has solid or hollow blocks on the exterior walls , the middle is filled with soil and then the slab is poured over the soil and block to raise the home approximately 1-2 ft. The plumbing that penetrates the slab below the tub is often the gateways for termites to enter your home.  A small window is cut in the drywall near the plumbing and the exposed soil is treated. This pipe running under a tub drain has exposed soil around it which can be a potential access point for termites. A vinyl door is then installed for future inspection and treatment.