Subterranean termites are swarming this time of year in the East Cooper area. They usually swarm in the early morning or evening. Sometimes after it rains, the termites emerge from the ground with wings and are attracted to lights around your home. A humid environment makes a great opportunity for the termites to swarm. They need humidity or moisture to survive or they will die quickly. Shortly after the swarmers land, they will drop their wings. The wingless subterranean swarmers often look like a golden grain of rice. Termite swarmers can not cause damage to your home. The have no biting mouthparts. Worker termites cause damage. Ants are also swarming now. Ant swarmers have a definite waist and a pair of wings that are different sizes.

If you are seeing 15-20 random swarmers around or inside your house, there usually is nothing to be concerned about. They can enter through cracks in doors, windows, etc. Homeowners may find them dead in sinks, tubs or toilets. If they cannot make their way back to the ground, they will die because they need moisture to survive. No further action should be necessary. However, if you are seeing hundreds or thousands of swarmers in your house, please call to schedule an appointment and we will check things out right away!